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Forsythia yarns

Check out our selection  of yarns and fiber.  To order, email carolahmann(at)

Finished Yarn--spun, washed, skeined, and ready to use

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Fluffy close
Fluffy yarn

Angora yarn ”Forsythia Fluffy” $8/skein

Angora fiber is the finest, softest, and warmest natural fiber. This hand-spun two-ply yarn is ideal for trims and embellishments.

100% angora, 2-ply, hand-spun. 10 grams per skein, about 40 yards. Several natural colors:

  • White--The brightest, whitest white of any animal fiber.

  • Gray--A soft blend of light and dark shades, giving the yarn a great depth of color.

  • Beige--A subtle blend of tan, off-white, cream, taupe, and ecru.

  • Black--Not a dark color.  Each fiber, while deep black at the tip, is mostly whitish along its shaft.

  • Also available in some dyed colors.

Read more about this yarn here.

2006 DK Alpaca.JPG

Alpaca DK weight $25/skein

100% alpaca, 3-ply, mill-spun, 200 yards, about 100 grams. Available in light fawn, medium fawn, and medium brown colors, and in some dyed colors.


Alpaca Hand-spun--"Forsythia Fuzzy" $16/skein  100% alpaca, 2-ply.  Each skein weighs 50grams, and has 95-150 yards of yarn.  This yarn is completely home-made: Tending the animals, shearing, preparing the fiber, spinning the yarn, dyeing. 


Alpaca Fingering weight $20/skein

100% alpaca, 2-ply, mill-spun, 200 yards, about 70 grams. Medium fawn color and dyed.  This is a good weight for knitting socks, and has been rainbow-dyed for fun striping effects.

2006 Fingering Alpaca.JPG
Fifty yarn

Alpaca/Angora Blend--”Forsythia Fifty” $18/skein

50 grams of a 50/50 blend of angora and alpaca. 2-ply, hand-spun.  About 95-150 yards per skein. Sport/DK weight.  Available in several different blends of natural colors, and I will soon be adding some dyed colors to the line.

Alpaca/Angora Blend yarn $32/skein

About 75% alpaca with 25% angora.  3-ply, DK weight, mill-spun.  200 yards, just under 100 grams.  Available in a limited selection of dyed and natural colors.  Yarn has

a silky smooth feel and will work up with the fuzzy “halo” that is characteristic of angora.

2006 Alpaca Angora blend.JPG


Mill-spun yarn is more consistent than hand-spun, but hand-spun yarn has more character and includes slubs, neps, and other imperfections.


All yarn has the possibility of containing small bits of hay, grass, or seeds.

Raw Fiber

Raw Fiber--unwashed, unprocessed


Angora (from French angora rabbits) $7/oz

Hand-plucked, not sheared, so it contains no blunt-cut ends. Available in several colors: pure white, beige, gray, and black.  Angora fiber is silky soft and can be spun or felted.

Alpaca--first quality (blanket)--$3/oz.  Preferred for spinning.  Available in light fawn, medium fawn, and medium brown.

2005 Bag o fluff - Copy.JPG
2006 Alpaca Blanket.JPG
2006 Alpaca Blanket close.JPG

Alpaca--second quality--$2/oz

Shorn from the neck, tummy, and legs of the alpaca, this fiber is shorter and coarser than the blanket, and is suitable for felting.  Available in medium brown and fawn.

2006 Apaca seconds.JPG
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