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MORE Rabbits!

No photo this time. I'm waiting until the new rabbits are more photogenic.

I answered an on-line classified for angoras offered at a very good price. It seems that the seller wanted to re-home the buns because he couldn't afford the time and effort to maintain them. Indeed, the rabbits were underfed and scrawny, and had very bad haircuts. We're working now to fatten them up with lots of hay and pellets, and giving them much-needed chances to run around and explore and rebuild muscle mass.

After just a few days, I see them becoming more adventurous and trusting me more. Their ribs, hips, and backbones feel a little less pronounced to me now. As their fur starts growing, I can tell that I have some pretty good rabbits in this group. I'll post pictures of the four when they look better.

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