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Growing the herd

We got new rabbits. They came from different litters, but they were both born at the end of June....and they're so cute and tiny!

This little fellow is Hugo. He's a broken blue, and both his parents were also broken blues. He has an amazing ability to lie completely still and flat. He also sneezes frequently in short bursts of multiple sneezes. It's really cute, but I hope there's no serious underlying reason for it--like, perhaps, an allergy to rabbits.

This little fawn-colored bunny was begging to be named Simon, but after I consulted this page about sexing rabbits, I decided Simone was a more fitting name for her. She's a little sweetie.

The woman I bought them from is--I think--fairly new to the angora business, and all nine bunnies she had available were apparently male. We agreed that that was odd, but I accepted her diagnosis--until I got home, and did a little more research.

My morning rabbit routine takes longer now, with FOUR litter pans to dump and wash, FOUR food bowls to refill, FOUR water bottles to top off, FOUR rabbits to comb and cuddle, and FOUR bunnies to exercise. Everyone gets time to run around the room every day, and I can't let any two rabbits out together. They do like to visit each other and bump noses through the cage wire, but if that barrier is gone, tussles and skirmishes result, and the fur flies.

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