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Fluffy Bunnies!

We got our first livestock this week: two French Angora rabbits.

The chocolate doe is now named Clover; the REW buck is Bruno. The names don't match their coloring, but they work anyway. The rabbits are brother and sister, and they're almost five months old.

French Angoras don't need to be sheared. Instead, they naturally "blow" (shed) their coats every three months or so. To harvest the fluff for spinning, I'll be "plucking" the rabbits, or pulling out loose tufts of fur. Clover is starting to blow now, so I keep a bucket close by when I groom her.

They're really good-natured rabbits, and young enough that they're awfully frisky. I hope they mellow a little bit as they get older, because it's hard to get them to sit still for grooming!

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